International street football tournament 2009

International Street football tournament

FC „Feniksas“ played for Lithuania in the International Street football tournament in Wroclaw, Poland. The team won the 4th place.

All the participating teams were divided into two groups, FC „Feniksas“ played in group B: Poznan, Russia, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy.

Lithuania – Italy 5:4

Lithuania – Poznan 6:8

Lithuania – The Netherlands 12:2

Lithuania – Russia 5:4

1) Poznan

2) Lithuania

3) Russia

4) Italy

5) The Netherlands


Lithuania - Poznan 7:3.

Together with Ukraine, Poznan and Wroclaw, Lithuania was one of the four best teams and continued to fight for the cup:

Lithuania - Ukraine 0:5

Lithuania – Poznan 5:5

Lithuania - Wroclaw 4:6

So the team won the 4th place. The tournament was well organized. The games took place in the central Vroclav oldtown square. The game was videotaped by italian TV chanell Rai Due, polish channel Polsat also made some reportages.