Homeless World Cup 2006

Homeless World Cup 2006

The participants were teams from 48 countries: Ireland, Afghanistan, England, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Burundi, Check Republic, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Ghana, Hong Kong, the USA, Spain, Italy, Cameroon, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Poland, Libya, Malaya, Namibia, Nigeria, Norway, Holland, Paraguay, Portugal, the Republic of South Africa, France, Ruanda, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Finland, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Uganda, Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

The teams were divided to 12 groups (4 teams in each). The group our team played in: Ireland, Norway, Afghanistan, Lithuania.

Day 1

Afghanistan – Lithuania 3:2

Ireland – Norway 4:1

Day 2

Lithuania – Ireland 3:2

Afghanistan – Norway 6:2

Lithuania – Norway 5:1

Ireland – Afghanistan 5:4

Afghanistan 6 points

Ireland 6 points

Lithuania 6 points

Norway 0 points

Though Lithuanian team had a better goal proportion than Ireland, the judges decided to give 2nd place to Ireland.

The first two teams continued to play for the main prize, the other two fought for 25-48 places. One goal was annulled and Lithuanian team could not fight for higher places. We fought for 25-48.

Lithuania – Sweden 6:2

Lithuania – Zimbabwe 3:4

Lithuania – Namibia 1:4

Lithuania – Spain 3:0

Lithuania – Hungary 10:0

Lithuania – Slovenia 6:0

Lithuania – Switzerland 3:3

Then we were one of 8 teams to fight for Cape Town cup. The group was:




The Republic of South Africa





¼ final: Lithuania – Italy 8:2

½ final: Lithuania – Zimbabwe 4:3

Final: Lithuania – Zambia 1:6

The players or the game: Giedrius Lubas, Mindaugas Survilas, Darius Armalis, Viktoras Sveikauskas, Stasys Pranevicius, Gintas Slicius, Jonas Sapauskas, Gediminas Lescinskis, Liutauras Rapolavicius.