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12/05/09 – FK “Feniksas” was invited to participate in homeless people football tournament in Vroclav, Poland. There will be 12 football teams also participating from such countries as Poland, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Schotland, Ukraine, Holland. The tournament will be on the 5-7th of June. In the nearest future FK “Feniksas” is going to participate in the International tournament of veterans in Ukmerge, where teams from Estonia, Lithuania and England will meet.

20-21/06/09 – Second Outdoor homeless people football Cup “Homeless Russia Open 2009” in Sankt Peterburg, Russia. FK “Feniksas”, which was a winner in 2006, is going to participate in it.

17-23/08/09 – Social Inclusion Games 2009 in Odence, Denmark. It’s a sport game for the antisocial people. FK “Feniksas” is going to participate in football competition. Also there will be competitions in other sports: volleyball, athletics, swimming, water polo, table tennis, etc. There will be round one thousand competitioners taking part in these contests. Those who would like to join these games, please e-mail: feniksasfk@gmail.com . for more information: http://www.ul2009.dk

6-13/09/09 – World Homeless football Cup HWC 2009 in Milan, Italy. This year there will be teams from 48 countries. Lithuania will be represented by FK “Feniksas”. For more information: http://www.homelessworldcup.org

This year, in November FK “Feniksas” is going to participate in Europe Homeless football Cup in Gdansk, Poland. FK “Feniksas” – two times European champions and last year (2008) – took second place.

28/02/09 – Kaunas district winter football tournament has ended. In the last match FK “Feniksas” met “Kauno Energija”. Match has ended score 2:2 ( goal by V.�veikauskas, V.Rybakas. V.�veikauskas didn‘t make penalty kick). After succesfull penalty kicks FK „Feniksas“was celebrating victory with score 5:4. That led team to the seventh place between 11 teams. FK „91 United“ took leaders place. For more information: http://www.kaff.lt

21/02/09 – Kaunas districs winter football tournament for 5-8th places : FK „Feniksas“ – FK „�vaitas“ 0:4

08/02/09 – Kaunas district winter football tournament quarterfinal FK „Feniksas“ – FK „Fotofabrikas“ 0:4

1/02/09 – International Senior football tournament in Silamaj, Estonia. FK „Feniksas“ was taking part in senior groupe (for those who‘s 42 years old and more) and tooke second place among 6 teams. First day FK „Feniksas“ overcame veterans from Petrozavodzk 3:2, yielded to Kochtlajarve 0:3 and overcame Talin team 5:2. On the second day “FK “Feniksas” overcame both hosters teams by scoring 6:1 and 6:2. But at the final FK “Feniksas” had to yield to strong Kochtlajarve team 1:7 and took second place.

25/01/09 - FK “Feniksas” – FK “Spyris” 1:4 (goal by R.Kazlauskas)

18/01/09 - FK “Feniksas” – “Kauno Energija” 2:1 (goal by V.�veikauskas, R.Bla˛ys)

10/01/09 – Kaunas district winter football tournament. 16 teams participate. During first match FK “Feniksas” overcme VST team 3:1 (2 goals by A.ˇelvys and 1 – D.Armalis).

28/12/08 – FK “Feniksas” finished it’s season in Gaflenz, Austria, by winning senior football tournament “Harreither Cup 08”. There were eight teams from Austria, Germany and Lithuania. FK “Feniksas” overcame his competitioners by scores: 5:1, 4:1 and 2:1, and got into the final, where met hosters Gaflenz senior team. FK “Feniksas” won 3:2

11/12/08 - FK “Feniksas” came back from Melburn, from 6-th World Homeless football Cup. FK “Feniksas” took 19-th place from 45 teams. For more information: chapter “Tuornaments 

 24/10/08 - FK “Feniksas” finished his opening in Kaunas district football cup winning against “Aitas-Mia” 3:0 and defeat against FK “Baras 91” 1:10. FK “Feniksas” took 6th place between 14 teams. For more information about cup – http://www.kaff.lt

However, FK “Feniksas” still haven’t finished it’s season. 1-7th of December – World Homeless football Cup in Melburn, Australia, and 28-30th of December – International New Year’s veteran tournament in Gaflenz, Austria.

20/10/08 - FK “Feniksas” team came back from Sankt Peterburg after participating in International street football tournament. There were six teams from Russia, Poland and Lithuania. After winning two matches, loosing who and one drawn game, FK “Feniksas” took 4th place.

10/10/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Aitas-Mia” 4:2 (goals by A.Buzevičius, A.Kostiukas, A.Dapkus (2) )

05/10/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Aleksotas” 3:5 (goals by D.Armalis, R.Le�činskis, A.Dapkus)

01/10/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “�vaitas” 1:7 (goal by D.Armalis)

21/09/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “celsis” (goal by A.Dapkus, A.Buzevičius)

 07/09/08 - FK “Feniksas” became European Homeless Cup vicechampions. For more information about scores: chapter “Tournaments”

22/08/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Viči” 2:0 (goals by D.Armalis, A.Dapkus)

08/08/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Fotofabrikas” 1:4 (goal by D.Armalis)

06/08/08 – on the 5-7th of September - the 4th European Homeless Hall Cup in Gdansk, Poland. This year 12 teams participating in this Cup. They are from: Austria, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Norway, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Wells and Germany. Lithuania will be represented by the team made from the main FK “Feniksas” members. As a fact - FK “Feniksas” was European champions in 2006 and 2007.

03/08/08 - FK “Feniksas” – Raseinių “Statyba” 3:0 (goals by A.Dapkus, R.Buzevičius, R.Jurevičius)

18/07/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Flintas” 3:2 (A.Buzevičius, A.Dapkus, V.�veikauskas)

13/07/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Aleksotas” 1:5 (A.Buzevičius). Paskausku Cup Game.

11/07/08 - FK “Feniksas” – VST 2:0 (D.Armalis, V.�veikauskas)

29/06/08 - FK “Feniksas” – FK “91 United” 1:3 (D.Pasazauskas)

14/06/08 - FK “Feniksas” – JAV 5:2 (S.Pranevicius, A.Buzevicius, R.Lescinskis, A.Dapkus (2))

07/06/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Technine instaliacija” 8:1 (A.Dapkus (3), A.Buzevicius (2), A.Kostiukas (1), R.Lescinskis (1), V.Sveikauskas (1))

30/05/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Aleksotas” 0:2

26/05/08 - FK “Feniksas” – Karmelava 0:0

24/05/08 – International football veteran tournament “Ukmerge 2008” in Ukmerge. FK “Feniksas” became a winner, after penalty kicks overcame Kaunas “Politechnikos”veteran team. Ukmerges “Vienybe” veterans took 3rd place. More information: chapter “Tournaments”

23/05/08 - FK “Feniksas” – “Celsis” 0:1

Kaunas district football Cup has begun. There are 14teams participating this year. FK “Feniksas” was planing to participate in B group, among weaker teams. But this year all the teams were joined into one league. Our goal was to play, but now we’ll have to contend with realy different level teams.

 11/05/08 – first match FK “Feniksas” was defeated by young but strong “Svaitas” team 0:3. Next competitioner will be mighty “Celsis” team. Game will be on 23/05/08. results can be found http://www.kaff.lt

The 6th World Homeless Cup HWC will be on the 1-7th of December 2008 in Melburn, Australia.

Nevertheless, FK “Feniksas”, even though not in full strenth, went to Novosibirsk. And this year FK “Feniksas” took 5th place.

4-6/04/08 – Second Russian Outdoor Homeless Cup in Novosibirsk, Russia. Appart from Russian teams, there were also four teams from Europe: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Austria. It was first time for FK “Feniksas”, but still became a winner. It’s a pitty, but it is possible that FK “Feniksas” will have to refuse going to faraway Sibiras town because of lack of the money.

26/01/08 - FK “Feniksas” – Lithuanian medical men team – friendly game in Kaunas football manege – 5:3

23/02/08 - FK “Feniksas” – Lithuanian medical men team – friendly –in return game in Kaunas football manege – 3:1