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About us

„FK Feniksas“ is a limited public legal person, which has a legal form of an association. Its aim is to unify people with drinking or drug usage problems and help them integrate into the society in assistance of sports.

“FK Feniksas” was started in 2006, June. The idea to organize this team belongs to Stasys Pranevicius and Giedrius Lubas from Kaunas. While socializing with people with drinking problems from abroad, they got to know that many countries have practice of organizing this kind of teams for many years now. Those teams even participate in various international tournaments, Homeless Europe cup and Homeless World cup every year.

Stasys Pranevicius and Giedrius Lubas started to team up a football team right after they came back to Lithuania. It is an open secret that there are many formerly famous sportsmen, who suffer from drinking problems, and there were some, who have already passed away. The main problem is that not everyone can face the fact. A team of 8 was organized in a short time (almost all the tournaments follows hall or street football rules) and went to their first tournament – Homeless Russia Open Cup. To everybody’s astonishment they won the cup and the right to participate in Homeless World Cup (Cape Town, the Republic of South Africa). Homeless football cup rules allow participating for all the people who have drinking or drug usage problems, who are homeless or refugees.

That’s how it all started.

The team has no objectives of reaching high sports results. Most of the team members used to suffer from alcohol addiction. The main goal is spending time together in team work outs, participating in various international tournaments, journeys to various countries and meeting people with same problems. The desire to never come back to the bottom from which we climbed up unifies the members.

During its life, the team participated in many tournaments all over the World – Russia, The Republic of South Africa, Poland, Austria, Estonia,Denmark,Australia,Italy,Argentina,Brazil,France,Mexico,Chile,Holland,Germany.

The way to the team is wide open for everyone, it’s the desire to stop drinking that counts.