European Homless Hall Football Cup 2008

European Homless Hall Football Cup 2008

5-7/09/08 – the fourth European Homless Cup. FK “Feniksas” became champions in 2007 and 2008. this time they had to yield to the Russian team. There were ten team participating from different countries: Ireland, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary. Teams were devided into two subgroups:

A group: Denmark, Czech, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania

B group: Holland, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Ireland.

Lithuania – Poland 7:0, Lithuania – Denmark 14:4, Lithuania – Estonia 6:3, Lithuania – Czech 13:3. Russia - Ukraine 2:0, Russia – Ireland 2:1, Ukraine – Ireland 2:1

A group: 1)Lithuania, 2) Estonia, 3) Poland, 4)Czech, 5) Denmark.

B group: 1)Russia, 2)Ukraine, 3)Ireland, 4)Hungary, 5)Holand.

Semifinals: Russia – Estonia 7:1, Lithuanis – Ukraine 3:1

For the third place: Estonia – Ukraine 1:3

Final: Lithuania – Russia 1:5

Lithuania was represented by: A.Lubys, v.Sveikauskas, S.Pranevicius, D.Armalis, J.Sapauskas, V.Laurinaitis, A.Dapkus, R.Blazys, L.Rafalavicius, R.Sokelis, D.Pasazauskas, G.Lubas, K.Jocius, A.Zelvys