Homeless World Cup 2007

Homeless World Cup 2007 (Copenhagen)

The fifth Homeless World Cup took place in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, 2007.07.29-08.04.
The participants came from 48 world countries: Afghanistan, England, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Burundi, Check Republic, Chile, Denmark, Cameroon, Kenya, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Honk Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, India, Kirkigstan, Liberia, Lithuania, Poland, Mexico, Holland, Norway, Portuguese, Russia, Serbia, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The Republic of South Africa, Switzerland, Uganda, Ukraine, USA, Zimbabwe, Zambia.
Lithuania has made it to the G group: Mexico, Lithuania, Check Republic, Austria.
The results were:
Lithuania – Austria 9:2
Mexico – Check Republic 6:5
Lithuania – Mexico 8:4
Check Republic – Austria 10:1
Lithuania – Check Republic 4:4 (4:5 after penalties, Lithuania 1point, Check Republic – 3pnts.)
Austria – Mexico 6:5

1. Lithuania 7pnts
2. Check Republic 6pnts
3. Austria 3pnts
4. Mexico 3pnts

The first two teams fought for the 1st-24th places, the rest two – for the 25th-48th. In the next stage Lithuania played with Liberia (group F, second team); Lithuania – Liberia 2:6. Liberians were a really strong team and lost only for Scotland (the Champions) in the semifinals, winning the 3rd place.
The next opponent was Brazil, which lost for Ukraine (the leader of the group H). Lithuania – Brazil 12:3.
Then 24 teams were divided into 4 groups (6 teams in each) and continued to play using the single round system. Lithuania played in the 3rd group: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Ghana, Check Republic, Lithuania, The Republic of South Africa. The results were as following:
Lithuania – Check Republic 4:4 (4:5 after penalties, Lithuania 1pnt, Check Republic 3pnts.)
Lithuania – Kazakhstan 6:7
Lithuania – The Republic of South Africa 4:3
Lithuania – Afghanistan 5:6
Lithuania – Ghana 5:14

Lithuania won the fifth place in the 3rd group.
The next (final) stage:

Two best teams from group 2 connected to the group 1 and these 8 teams fought for the Champion prize. The game went using the minus system: 1-8, 2-7,3-6,4-5.
The rest 4 teams from group 2 and 4 teams from group 3 are connected into one group and fights for the second prize – Copenhagen Cup. The third trophy is the Cape Town Cup. Lithuania has made it to the third group: Afghanistan, Lithuania, Serbia, Zambia, France, Brazil, Germany, Check Republic.
¼ finals: Lithuania – Germany 9:2
½ finals: Lithuania – Zambia 10:5
Final: Lithuania – Serbia 9:2

Lithuania won the Cape Town Cup and the 17th place in the common ranking.
Players of the Team: Audrius Lubys, Viktoras Sveikauskas, Tomas Budreika, Stasys Pranevicius, Rytis Blazys, Arunas Dapkus, Deivis Pasazauskas, Arunas Zelvys.
The coaches: Giedrius Lubas, Darius Armalis.
Many thanks for all those who were with us in Town Hall, Copenhagen.